16 Shot / Zombie Apocalypse Shotgun + 3 Top Rifles and Pistols @ “The Range” SHOT Show 2017

Stop Zombies Dead in their Tracks – Shoot a Mile and Take Down the Bad Guys (before the know what hit them) with NEW Guns and Gear @ SHOT Show 2017 “RANGE Day” – New Guns and Gear – Lapua .338 @ 950 yards, CAA Micro Roni Pistol Kit, Springfield 1911 TRP .45 ACP, 16 Round DP-12 Shotgun and MORE… Best rifles, pistols, shotguns – tactical, combat, CCW, and a Zombie Apocalypse weapons.

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GUNS and GEAR SHOWN in Video:

Tracking Point Lapua .338:

M1400 EMR -.338LM Bolt-Action

Springfield 1911 TRP Operator Mod. 2:

1911 Series

CAA Micro Roni (fits Glock):

ZUES Shooting Mat (Train like the IDF):

DP-12: Sixteen Shot Double Barrel Shotgun:

FIRST Tactical Gear (Rucks, Gloves, Knives, Cloths):

Smart Wool (Tough Merino Wool Cloths):


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